Western Division, Corporation




Purpose and Objectives


          Section 1.-The Polish American Congress, ever mindful of its unswerving past record of civic action in its successful commitment to its founding aims, is dedicated to:

          a)Provide national leadership for expanding and sustaining organized Polish American political and cultural life in the United                    States.
          b)Support Poland as a loyal ally and proven friend of the United States, and work to strengthen the United States -Poland                            relationship.
          c)Work with all Americans to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of the rich Polish and Polish American heritage.
          d)Defend the good name of Polish Americans and Poland from their detractors.
          e)Support candidates for elected office on all levels of American government who advocate for the goals and objectives of the                   Polish American Congress and Polonia.
          f)Encourage Polish Americans to be involved in the American political process, including exercising their constitutional right to             vote in the interests of the Polish American community.
          g)Educate and engage elected officials on all levels of American government in proposing legislation in support of the aims and             objectives of the Polish American Congress and Polish American citizens. 




Organization of the Florida State /Western Division/


            Section 1. Composition. The Florida Western State Division ('The Division") shall be composed of members of the Congress residing in the Western portion of the State of Florida or in close geographical proximity thereof.

            Section 2. Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting of the Division shall be held no later than June 30th of each year, to carry out its duties as required by the Congress by-laws.

             Section 3. Regular meetings. The Division will hold regular member meetings several times per year} not less than four in addition to the Annual Meeting.
             Section 4. The Board. Between the meetings the business of the Divisions attended to by the Board, which is the executive body of the Division. The Board is composed of the Division Officers and National Directors.
             Section 5. The Board shall hold its regular meetings every month} except for two vacation months in a year.
             Section 6. The Board shall appoint as needed and direct the permanent and ad-hoc commissions and committees and assist in their activities.
             Section 7. Division Officers shall include: President, Vice-President -Executive Director, Vice-President for Development} Secretary and Treasurer.